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The Megajoule Laser facility (LMJ) is a key component of CEA's Simulation Program. Its purpose is to study, at a very small scale, the behavior of materials under extreme conditions similar to those reached during the operation of nuclear weapons.
The LMJ is designed to deliver, in a few billionths of a second, more than one million joules of light energy to targets measuring a few millimeters in size.
LMJ officially enters into operations on October 2014, with the first weapon physics experiments.

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Laser Integration Line

The Laser Integration Line (LIL) is a prototype of an LMJ laser line. Between its commissioning in 2002 and its closure in early 2014, the LIL was the most powerful laser in Europe in terms of delivered energy. The LIL was used to validate technological choices made for the LMJ and set up experiments (targets, measurement systems, etc.). It was the site of many physics experiments for defense and academic applications.

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Openness to the research community and industry

Access by researchers and industry

The facilities in the Simulation Program (LMJ, LIL, etc.) are outstanding achievements in terms of their technical capabilities and performance. In accordance with the policy approved by the French Ministry of Defense in 2002 and allowing access by outside users to resources, these facilities are made available to the scientific community during specific periods.



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