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The Laser Megajoule (LMJ) is one of the most important tools of the Simulation program. The goal of the LMJ is to recreate, in the laboratory, thermodynamic conditions similar to those encountered during the operation of a nuclear weapon. It will allow theoreticians and weapon designers to test predictions against actual fusion.

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The Ligne d'Integration Laser

The Ligne d'Integration Laser (LIL) is the most powerful laser in Europe in terms of energy delivered. It will remain so until the Megajoule Laser becomes operational.
As the prototype of a laser line for the Megajoule Laser, it has been designed and developed to validate technological choices.

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Openness to the research community and industry

Openness to the research community and industry

Results from key elements of the Simulation program have been made available to the French and European scientific community, in accordance with the openness policy approved in 2002 by the French Ministry of Defense.
This open access approach enables peer review from outside scientists and is essential to the DAM scientific credibility and to the French deterrent force in the absence of nuclear testing.



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The Cesta, an asset for the Aquitaine Region

the Cesta Center Established in 1965 in the commune of Le Barp, between Bordeaux and Arcachon, the primary mission of the Aquitaine center for scientific and technical studies is to ensure the industrial architecture is in place for the weapons of the French deterrent force.
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